Logistics Services

South Korea to Taiwan air freight logistics service

Cosmetics, food, clothes, small items and light-weight products
+Additional service labeling, product export packaging
+Domestic logistics services or business needs in Korea can be handled on your behalf

For example: translation, product development, purchasing service, billing service, item storage, product packaging service

Delivery Time

2~5 days


Compared with directly importing separately, the cost can be saved by about 20~30%


Project EM/DH Official Air Freight SHOONG INTERNATIONAL
Expenses 1kg 537 yuan 1kg 183 yuan 1kg 143 yuan
written material No need Required No need
Tariff Customs clearance fee Tariffs over USD36 will occur 100% tariffs will happen The freight includes tariffs
  • CCTV monitor commodity dispute ZERO

    Inside SHOONG INTERNATIONAL's logistics center
    With monitor video recording, monitoring at any time
    Save you from the trouble of commodity disputes

  • Safe packaging is also worrying ZERO

    Special carton and packing filler
    Minimize the damage rate

  • Customs clearance and import application, troubles all over ZERO

    Subpoenas and related documents necessary for customs clearance
    Keep it as simple as possible and handle it directly for you


Air freight

Sailing Day Every day (except vacation)
Spent time Send to the logistics warehouse about 2-3 days
Restricted items 1. Medicines, medical supplies, famous brands
2. High-pressure flammable dangerous goods, gas sprays
3. Electronic products (please consult individually)
4. Beauty equipment and tools (please consult individually)
Prohibited items 1. Unprocessed agricultural products
Ex) Unprocessed ginseng, fresh foods
2. When the box size exceeds
80cm*75cm/weight below 40kg (1 box as the basis)
1. Product weight 1 box shall not exceed 40kg
(If there is any excess, please contact customer service to inform us first)
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